Midway ISD
South Bosque Elementary School. (K-4)
Midway Intermediate School (5-6)
Midway Middle School (7-8)
Midway High School (9-12)

Midway ISD- up^
A key amenity of the Villages is the Midway Independent School District, already considered a jewel by many McLennan County residents. Competitive in both academics and athletics, the district stresses a complete education - along with extras such as orchestra beginning as early as fifth grade.
The entire district is rated "Exemplary" - the highest honor given by the Texas Education Agency, and rare for a school district this size. Advanced programs begin in elementary school to offer students an early head start. By high school, a well-established Advanced Placement program can guide your child to college credit before even entering a college classroom.
A $37 million new Midway High School campus will encompass eight acres of buildings and provide improved sports facilities. When it is ready in fall 2003, the high school will turn over its former campus to Midway Middle School.
Become part of a school district on the move. Enjoy the proven academic fast track and quality sports programs in a district that has a history of excellence.

South Bosque Elementary School. (K-4) - up^
The academic journey begins with South Bosque Elementary School, an "Exemplary" campus only minutes east on 84 from your new home.
In addition to the Accelerated Reader program and Venture program for gifted and talented students, the school offers a green classroom, music and physical education programs for all students. Kindergartners and first-graders reap the benefits of Saxon phonics and math. South Bosque stresses parental involvement, welcoming parents as partners in education.

Midway Intermediate School (5-6) - up^
At Midway Intermediate School, students will continue in Accelerated Reader programs or the Venture program for gifted and talented students. A strong fine arts program allows all fifth graders to delve into art and music. They can even opt to take beginning orchestra. Sixth graders can elect classes in art, choir or orchestra.

Midway Middle School (7-8) - up^
Midway Middle School builds the foundation your children will need to excel in high school courses and beyond. In addition to Accelerated Reader programs, pre-Advanced Placement courses begin here - launching students on the path to receive college credit early. Other elements of the school are just as outstanding - from foreign language and art programs to band, stringed instrument and choral opportunities.

Midway High School (9-12) - up^
Midway High School's dedicated sports programs complement an outstanding tradition of preparing students for college. Extensive Advanced Placement courses prepare students for the tests to earn college credit and a head start on their undergraduate degrees. The girls' softball team is legendary, and students can excel in programs ranging from soccer and swimming to volleyball, track and, of course, football and basketball.

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