From the graceful spray of a fountain to stately pavilions and distinguished architecture, the finer details of Twin Rivers are yours to relish.

A proper master-planned community ensures that the beauty you expect inside your home is provided to the surrounding neighborhood - the streets, sidewalks and even other homes.

This is nature enhanced by design. The lush green of landscaped walkways opens onto the verdant golf course greens of Bear Ridge. The views are built in, encompassing the ponds and trees of the course as well as carefully created pocket parks.

The entrance lake, complete with center fountain, sets a tone of beauty and serenity that meanders through the Villages, extending along the jog and walk path from the lake to each Village entry.

We studied nature's designs and wove them into a careful tapestry, leaving nothing to chance. Shumard red oak, mexican plum, elm, rough leaf dogwood, and crape myrtle are only some of the trees we've used. Look for distinctive shrubs and groundcovers like evergreen iris, red yucca and Asian jasmine. And what would today's landscaping be without native grasses and wildflowers? Pick out the little blue stem, the wild foxglove, pink evening primrose, cutleaf daisy and Indian blanket.

Wherever you find yourself at Twin Rivers, expect a refreshing array of natural beauty and constructed harmony.

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